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Arma 3 & DayZ on Display at Gamescom 2013


Bohemia Interactive confirmed Arma 3 and DayZ Standalone will be on display at Gamescom 2013 in Cologne, Germany later this month. Arma 3 will be highlighted by the first showing of the the main island Altis which is gigantic compared to the Stratis island build shown so far in the Alpha and Beta stages. Altis clocks in at 270 km2, where Stratis only stretches 20 km2. There will also be 6 new firing drills, tanks, UAVs/drones, APCs and much more. Arma 3 is closing in on an official release date soon.

The DayZ Standalone version available at Gamescom 2013 will be based on a internal development build, showing some of the new features the team has been working on since E3 such as a more in depth food and nutrition system and weapon customization.

Gamescom 2013 will be held August 21  to August 25. Bohemia Interactive will be located at booth 52 in the business area Hall 4,2.

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